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Empowering Your Future Through

Strategic Profile Building


Creative Life Coaching

Looking for a strategist for your education & career plan?
We are the one, the ASPiRERS!

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Why do you need a strategic profile?

Setting Ultimate Life Goals & Milestones


It is almost impossible to achieve anything without dreaming and a proper planning. A full spectrum of self-understanding can be a key to help in setting a reachable ultimate goal and then developing step- by-step milestones for getting there.

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Understanding Your Possible Professions


Not having confusions and doubts on what can be done in the future will definitely ease all your points of decision during every stage, including high school, colleges, graduate schools and even first job.

Catching Worldwide Elite Educational Opportunities


With the recent concept of global citizenship and development of the internet, our competitors are no longer local peers but people in the World. It is necessary for us to stay in the game after graduation by getting into a world-wide elite university to join this life game in the future.

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We help in building your unique strategic profile through…

Life Coaching & Profile Consolidation Program (Grade 1-12)

Our special 2-on-1 coaching with unique methodology can help you equip yourself with stunning records in your profile and stay competitiveness and continue developing and improving throughout the whole high school years.

Admissions Counseling Program (Grade 11-12)

By linking the admissions counseling program with the life  with 100% of our students got at least one offer from their top 3 choices no matter in the stage of boarding school, college or graduate school, even job selection. With our counseling, students can further boost up their chance in securing the placement to world-class elite schools.

ASPiRERS Mini Workshops

We have discovered that almost 90% of the students are not equipped with essential soft skills and this becomes the root cause for blocking their growth and development in academic execellence and profile building. With our mini workshops,  students will be able to re-gain the skill sets for guarantee their future success.

ASPiRERS Advancement (Recommend for Grade 7 - 11)

With our expertise in career coaching and admissions counseling for almost a decade, we partner with different prestigious parties for providing you a hands-on community serving project opportunity to shine and an opportunity to prove that you are the right candidate for elite universities worldwide.

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Your Strategic Profile
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