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Leaving School

Admissions Counseling Programs

We understand life only has one take, and every single step counts. With the ASPiRERS side by side, students and parents can have an unforgettable experience under our unique way of coaching – 'The Aspirers Way.' We help students find their true identities, positioning them for success in this rapidly-changing world. We craft stunning personal achievements through:


Suitable for: Grade 7-9 / Year 8-10 / Form 1-3 students

Our boarding school admissions help students and their families identify the right boarding school choices based on the best-fit curriculum and extracurricular activity offering. Our proven methodology has helped many students gain admissions to elite boarding schools in the UK, US & Canada.

Parent Essay Coaching
Personal Project Building
School Students


Suitable for: Grade 11-12 / Year 12-13 / Form 5-6 High school students

Our US college admissions team coaches students to identify their academic and career goals while building robust yet unique student profiles. Our way of coaching has helped many students earn admissions offers to top US universities.

Course Strategy
Personal Project Building
Classmates in the Library


Suitable for: Grade 11-12 / Year 12-13 / Form 5-6 High school students

Our UK counselors guide students to identify the right courses and universities while building relevant academic knowledge and super-curricular activities. Our proven methodology has earned students offers to top UK universities.

Course Strategy
Super-curricular Activities
Throwing Caps


Suitable for: Undergraduate students, fresh graduates, early and mid-career professionals

Our counselors coach clients to identify graduate programs best fitted to their professional aspirations; our students have earned admissions to highly selective UK and US graduate programs, including MBA, MSc, and MA. Our career guidance has also helped students achieve their career goals with personalized strategic action plans.

Career Guidance & Evaluation
Build Professional Competencies
Meeting Room Business

Aspirers Counseling Essentials consist of:

Personal Profile Analysis and Enhancement 

Build holistic profiles embodying academic, career, personal, social, and admissions readiness

Advice on Extracurricular Activities

Coach clients to research and identify extracurricular and super-curricular activities, including internships, summer programs, and community engagement projects

Standardized Test Strategy 

Advice clients on standardized testing (including SSAT, SAT, ACT, GMAT, and GRE, etc.), English Proficiency tests (TOEFL and IELTS), and Medicine, Law, and Oxbridge Admissions Test

Selections on Best-fit Courses and Schools

Research appropriate programs and develop a balanced list of schools (including reach, target, safety) based on students' strengths and career aspirations; advice on country-specific as well as multi-region applications

Application Timeline and Strategies

Manage the overall application timeline and advice on application-specific strategies (including Early Decision or Restrictive Early Action strategies)

Admissions Essays Coaching

Brainstorm admissions stories, turning them into well-written and compelling essays. Counselors’ expertise spans Common App essays, school-specific supplements, UCAS statements, Master's Statement of Purpose, and MBA admission essays

Reference Letters Guidance

Select the right teachers, professors, or professionals for letters of recommendation; guided strategy to ask for the best possible references

Application Form Review

Meticulously review the individual components of the application form to help applicants present flawless and coherent applications

Interview Prep (if any)

Expertise in coaching clients in boarding school, US colleges, Oxbridge, as well as Masters and MBA interviews. Guide candidates to highlight their competencies and address any area of weaknesses

Offer and Waitlist Evaluation

Evaluate offers of admission (including conditional, unconditional, and scholarships offers); develop a strategy for waitlist and deferral decisions

Concrete Facade


In the past few months, Aspirers Counselor has provided us with a lot of support in all aspects during the application process. After my son read the final papers of each school that you helped him edit, his face showed an admiring smile wow. Of course, the parents' essays also left a very deep impression on me. Through this application process, I believe that he has also learned a lot, and has also significantly improved his oral expression skills, writing skills, and flexibility to adapt to things. Although the words are not enough to express my gratitude, I once again deeply appreciate from the bottom of my heart.

Parent of J. Han,
a Boarding School Admissions student

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