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Business Consulting Service

We are the ultimate "one-stop solution" for your business from planning, licensing, business strategy, marketing funnels to funding applications. We are here to help you excel your business. 

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ASPiRERS Business Consulting Services

We help in excelling your business and idea by...

NGO / Charity (慈善機構) Licensing Consultation

Recently, more and more clients would like to establish a NGO for their CSR part or simply aiming to help a specific group of people in Hong Kong. It is very important to plan and think thoroughly about the nature ad objectives of the NGO. We help in advising the following areas:

  • Vision and Mission as well as nature of the NGO

  • Format of Registration

  • Registration Process Facilitation

  • Form and Documents Preparation

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Total Marketing Solutions


Nowadays, business does not need massive marketing but smart business strategy in order to achieve the lead acquisition by using the minimum resources. We help you to achieve your target lead acquisition through our creative marketing solutions including:

  • Building Brand Awareness

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns

  • PR Collaboration

  • Mix of Online and Offline Marketing Channels 

QF / CEF (資歷架構/持續進修基金) Program Registration Consultation

It is always a disaster for program providers to deal with the registration of quality framework (QF) and CEF, especially registration processes. A lot of clients do not know the actual requirements and materials needed to complete the program registration and resulting in delay or rejection. We are here to help the clients to ease their process through:

  • Program Initial Evaluation

  • Advices on Program and Materials Enhancement

  • Form Completion and Review 

  • Accreditation Assistance and Liaison

  • Program Management Mechanism Setup Assistance

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Project Funding Application Consultation


There are different resources from the government and other charitable organization sponsoring projects in various sectors and categories. Understanding that many clients do not know which funding source(s) will be good for their project(s). We are here to help in the following areas:

  • Project Initial Evaluation

  • Identification of Funding Source(s)

  • Advices on Project Design, Pre and Post Launching Management

  • Project Budget Design

  • Funding Application Form Facilitation

  • Application Process Assistance and Liaison

Program Management Solutions


 We understand that it is always a pain for some clients to deal with the administration of programs or courses to fulfil different regulations and requirements from various licences (e.g. QF, CEF and QEF). We are specialized in program management and dedicated to you on the following processes: 

  • Program / Course E-Portal Setup

  • Attendance Record Management

  • CEF Claim Process Facilitation (Provider & Students)

  • Regulatory Body Liaison

  • Program Evaluation

  • Advices on Program Re-design (if necessary)

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