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We Dream. We Create. We Aspire.

Transform Aspiration into Real Achievements

“There is no success formula when it comes to the plan of life including academic, activities, choices of universities as well as your career path.”

Because everyone is unique, we unearth each of our clients’ strengths here at the Aspirers; we nurture our clients’ development, customize their individual journeys, and ultimately help them tell their stories within the life and application frameworks.

How do Aspirers achieve this?

Counselor : Clients Ratio (1:15)
Researching Admissions Trends
Theme-driven Application



We understan

Project ASPiRERS


We believe a stunning capstone project can help our clients to stand out at every stage in life. Therefore, we have partnered with different world-class institutes to help our clients have an unforgettable experience in finding the problem, designing, executing, and evaluating solutions to helping their community through experiential learning.


Stay tuned for our big announcement!  

Profile Capstone Program

Round Library


  • Introduction to AI and Machine Learning
    Sat, Apr 01
    In this seminar, you will learn about the basics of AI and machine learning and how they are being applied in various industries.
  • AI and College Admissions
    Sat, Apr 08
    In this seminar, you will explore how AI is used in college admissions. Learn about personalized learning, assessments, and predictive analytics and how these technologies evaluate applicants.
  • Parents Workshop: Passion Searching, Soft Skills & Designing the Right Academic Path
    Sat, Apr 08
    The Aspirers Center, Rm A, 19/F
    A good academic path starts from primary school or even much earlier in the Kindergarten. Do you know how to identify children's talent from daily life and help them to pick the correct academic curriculum and right-fit school to maximise their potentials?
  • ASPiRERS Mini Workshops
    Multiple Dates
    Mon, Apr 10
    ASPiRERS Center, Rm A, 19/F
    In order to have a successful academic profile in the future, it is necessary to equip with certain soft skills before the hard skills as they are called "habits". With good habits, it will be helping in achieving good academic results.
  • AI and College Majors
    Sat, Apr 15
    In this seminar, you will discover how AI is used in college majors and job opportunities in computer science, data science, and robotics during this seminar.
  • AI Ethics and College Life
    Sat, Apr 22
    In this seminar, you will explore ethical considerations and potential biases in AI development. Learn about data privacy issues, AI algorithms, and the ethical implications of using AI in decision-making.
  • ASPiRERS Advancement
    Upcoming Cohort in April 2023
    Location: Tramplus / Aspirers Office
    The ASPiRERS Advancement provides students with a unique experience of combining theories and practices to solve real-world problem(s). The ASPiRERS Advancement will give participants an opportunity to experience the real community involvement with supplement of most recent university frameworks.



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In the past few months, Aspirers Counselor has provided us with a lot of support in all aspects during the application process. After my son read the final papers of each school that you helped him edit, his face showed an admiring smile wow. Of course, the parents' essays also left a very deep impression on me. Through this application process, I believe that he has also learned a lot, and has also significantly improved his oral expression skills, writing skills, and flexibility to adapt to things. Although the words are not enough to express my gratitude, I once again deeply appreciate from the bottom of my heart.

Parent of J. H.,
a Boarding School Admissions student

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