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Good Grades

Aspirers Index

Exclusive Profile Assessment Tool developed by The Aspirers Co-Founders


With thousands of data points,
hundreds of success cases,
and years in the making,
we proudly present our unique assessment tool,

The Aspirers Index. 

This indicator can help students and parents understand where the student is currently standing. We achieve this by benchmarking individual profiles against the top 5% of the students in APAC, thereby accurately evaluating their chances for elite school admissions. We then make recommendations on how students can fully utilize their time and effort to shape the most robust profile possible.

Indicative of
(students in APAC)
Likely to be admitted to
(ranking of US universities)


Top 20


Top 20-50


Top 50-70


Top 75-100


Below 100


Starting from October 2022, our clients will receive a full report indicating where their kid stands against their peer competitors in their journeys to apply for elite schools. This service is complimentary for our admissions counseling service clients (only applicable for students applying to boarding schools or universities).


Our Co-Founder (Tina or Hubert) will then make recommendations based on students’ profiles and give them high-level advice or frameworks on how to improve.

Abstract Background

Contact us for more information if you are interested in this profile assessment.

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