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 Our Initiative

Pursuing your dream is not a luxury. Regardless of age, background, and ability, you can own a dream if you have your heart set on pursuing success in life.

Background of the Initiative


What are your plans for your future? What skillsets would you hope to equip yourself with?

These are questions that most youngsters in Hong Kong fail to answer. Having worked with hundreds of students, we discover that the root cause for this phenomenon is the lack of DREAMS.

Our Ultimate Goal


The ASPiRERS would like to bring DREAMS to youngsters through a scientific and systematic approach, the ASPiRERS Methodology. Under our creative life coaching and intensive mentoring system, youngsters can develop strategic plans on how they can find their dreams, as well as set milestones for actualising them.


Our Objectives

To bring the concept of “dreams” to youngsters

To help youngsters understand the importance of
self-awareness and self-understanding

To coach youngsters on life planning, setting goals and milestones

To help youngsters build up effective self-monitoring and self-assessing mechanisms, keeping them on track in their journeys of pursuing their dreams

To guide youngsters to find their own shining moments



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