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15+ offers including UC Berkeley, UCLA, Imperial and UCL

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Biomedical Sciences

Student Name: A. N.

School Curriculum with school type:

  • UK Boarding School, A-Level

Major/Course Applied:

  • Biomedical Sciences

Challenges encountered by student:

  • A's profile lacked super-curricular activities; it was challenging to find relevant opportunities during the school year since her boarding school location was quite remote.

  • She also had trouble improving her SAT score; all attempts were within the 1300-1400 range.

  • She hoped to apply to both US and UK universities, but her boarding school had limited experience supporting students to apply to US colleges.

What had we worked on together?

A came to us expressing interest in top universities in the UK and US. She was passionate about biology and wanted to understand how she could develop a sustainable career in this area. We researched different universities and their offerings – ultimately, she chose Biomedical Sciences so she could dedicate her career to cancer research!

On top of that, we worked on an internship and community engagement plan to build up her extracurricular profiles while working around the confines of the UK boarding school setting. We also tailored her application essays and personal statement to highlight her character strength.

A also had trouble improving her SAT score. Her school also wasn’t an SAT test center, and COVID-19 restrictions had further limited her ability to commute to other locations. Therefore, we explored test-optional and test blind US colleges to maximize her admissions chance. We also guided her to coach her school counselor and teachers to tailor their recommendations to the US schools while working on her UCAS (UK) application.

Offers Received:

  • More than 15 offers from top US and UK schools, including UC Berkeley, UCLA, Imperial and UCL.

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