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Kickstarting Your Future Success with a Dream!

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

By Hubert Ho | Co-founder & CEO

“Dream” may seem like a luxury for many. Most people would even say they don’t have one yet. Is that okay? Obviously no! All of us should have an ultimate dream. Without one, it will be hard to motivate ourselves. Even worse, we will lose interest in doing things.

How Does Dream Work for Us?

  1. As a destination: Dream can help set the possible coordinates for us, so we know where we are heading. A proper dream can also help set midpoints and build possible pathways.

  2. As a challenge to life: It is essential for us to have something to chase in life. Otherwise, life will be too boring. The right amount of challenge can definitely help us to make our lives more colorful.

Goal Setting

A dream can act as our ultimate goal. However, we need to set some sub-goals or mini goals to help us be on track towards our ultimate one. Many people might not know how to set goals because they don’t know how it works. Goals should follow the SMART framework.

Specific. All goals must be specific as they help us track where we should go.

Measurable. Goals need to be able to be measured; otherwise, we never know whether we have achieved them or not.

Attainable. We need to make sure that we can achieve the goals.

Relevant. Don’t set any goals that do not match our dreams.

Time-based. All goals must have a target achievement date to help track the progress.


Last but not least, we need to group our main goals and sub-goals into different stages with milestones. What exactly are milestones? Milestones can be in any form, tangible or intangible. But we can use one term to interpret the milestones, i.e., achievements.

At different stages, we should be able to achieve something we can feel proud of. It is a crucial step for us to build a successful life since it is imperative to keep ourselves motivated with positive rewards, which can act as both a cure to drive away our negativity as well as a catalyst to speed up our plan for pursuing a higher goal! Setting up strategic and tactical milestones requires detailed planning and relevant experience. If you don’t know what to do or where to start, seek help from professionals.

Are You Still Waiting for the Opportunity?

Remember, opportunities will not wait for you. Most of the time, we need to hunt for our own opportunities. Make sure that we are not shy to ask for something. Don’t let yourself regret it in the future.

You deserve a better life in the future! You deserve a better career in the future! No one can say that your ability is limited. You are the only one who can exceed yourself. Start building up your dream, goals, and milestones now!

Stay tuned to more of our insights articles, or reach out to us today!

Mr Hubert Ho

Co-founder, the Aspirers

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