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LSE (The London School of Economics and Political Science)

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Master in Finance

Student Name: R. H.


  • Top 30 US university, major in Economics

Major/Course Applied:

  • Master in Finance

Challenges encountered by student:

  • R. was rejected by multiple master programs he had applied to on his own just one application cycle prior. As a reapplicant, he needed to highlight his growth and address his area of weakness.

  • Having graduated from his undergraduate program by the time he came to us, Rehan needed to spend his time crafting his graduate school applications while finding an internship to fill out any gaps in his resume.

What had we worked on together?

As an Economics major, R’s dream was to land an investment banking analyst role. When he came to us, he had missed the recruiting cycle and been rejected from all the graduate programs he had applied to.

We ran a diagnosis on his profile, revamped his resume, and crafted an admissions story for the upcoming cycle. We worked on a personal statement highlighting his motivation, skills, and fit for the graduate program.

Concurrently, we also coached him through the investment banking recruiting process, to which he landed a summer internship at a bulge bracket bank.

Offers Received:

  • LSE

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