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Harvard Business School

Updated: Jun 11, 2022


Student Name: J. Z.


  • Finance, Trader

Major/Course Applied:

  • MBA

Challenges encountered by student:

  • Despite having robust professional experience as a trader, J had not had much leadership experience managing a project or a team; his profile lacked demonstrated leadership, one of the main evaluation criteria for top MBA programs.

  • While J had his heart set on MBA, he had trouble visualizing and articulating his post-MBA career goals, one of the key pillars to MBA applications.

What had we worked on together?

When J came to us, he was determined to attend MBA at one of the M7 Business Schools. Coming from a quantitative background without much experience managing a team, J needed to highlight his leadership skills to the admissions committees via his projects outside his full-time work.

We dug deep into J’s personal and professional journey, finding stories highlighting his potential, aspirations, and leadership. Coaching him to find his post-MBA short-term and long-term career goals, he put up such strong applications that earned him multiple across all the top schools.

Offers Received:

  • Harvard Business School

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