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Stanford University

Updated: May 4, 2022

Electrical Engineering

Student Name: Olivia L.

School Curriculum with school type:

  • UK Boarding School, A-Level

Major/Course Applied:

  • Electrical Engineering

Challenges encountered by student:

  • Olivia first came to us when she struggled to apply to US colleges on her own. With a lack of understanding of individual colleges, she initially targeted US public universities.

  • She struggled with improving her SAT score.

What had we worked on together?

After reviewing her information and getting an in-depth understanding of her goals after several consultation sessions, we introduced some private colleges to her. In the end, she decided to apply to Stanford University under the Restrictive Early Action (REA) scheme. Over her application journey, she was worried about many things, including her predicted grades, standardized tests, and admissions essays. We helped her build up her admissions storyboard to present her uniqueness.

The greatest challenge she had was switching standardized tests last minute before submitting her REA application. She took the SAT 4 times and couldn’t cross the 1400 mark, so we encouraged her to switch to the ACT at the very last minute. Providing her with tips, strategies and side-by-side support, she achieved 36/36 in one go. She and her parents pointed out that without the intensive support and encouragement through the counseling service, she wouldn’t be so confident to take such a risk and get into such a prestigious college!

Offers Received:

  • Stanford University

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