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Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Grade 9 in US boarding school

Student Name: Kim T.

School Curriculum with school type:

  • H.K. International School, I.B. curriculum

Major/Course Applied:

  • Grade 9 in U.S. boarding school

Challenges encountered by student:

  • Kim was an introvert. The first time we met her, she responded to our questions with one-sentence or, at times, with long silences if she didn’t know how to answer our questions.

  • She had a “standard” extracurricular profile that was similar to many other applicants from Hong Kong.

What had we worked on together?

As the interview is a critical part of the boarding school application process, we focused on preparing her on how to approach the interview questions. In the end, she was able to answer each question confidently.

During the process, we discovered she enjoyed writing in her spare time. Wanting to showcase this talent of hers, we came up with the idea for Kim to write a short story as part of a supplement portfolio of her application, which impressed the school admissions committee.

Offers Received:

  • The Webb Schools

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