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What should your Application Strategy be? A table snapshot comparing UK & US university admissions

The way you approach your applications would depend on what universities you are applying to. In general, students looking to apply to UK universities would focus on academics and building subject-specific knowledge; students applying to US universities would focus on crafting unique application profiles.



Holistic admission vs. Grades

​Admissions are based on grades, although in recent years, Oxford and Cambridge have been focusing more on holistic admissions

​Holistic admissions. Admissions are based on academic performance, standardized testing, Extra-circular activities, personal experience/ motivation

Conditional offers vs. Unconditional offers

Common for UK universities to issue conditional offers based upon students' A-level/ IB results

US colleges evaluate 4-years of academic record at the time of admission. For A-level/ IB candidates, colleges only look at expected A-level/ IB grades

Admission offers are usually unconditional

UCAS vs. Common Application

Personal statement articulating why you'd like to study a particular course or subject

Do not discuss individual institutions

Essays are very personal. It's about your identity, your values, your life experience

Supplement Essays to discuss why you want to attend the university you're applying to

Admission Tests / Standardized Tests

​Most UK universities (except Oxbridge) and courses don't require admissions tests

Most courses at Oxford or Cambridge require an admission test

UCAT or BMAT for Medicine

Either SAT or ACT (but some colleges are test-optional/ test-blind)

Talk to us to find out an admission strategy that's suitable

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